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A/C Repair Sacramento
Air Duct Repair Sacramento
Electric Furnace Installation Sacramento
Flame Sensor Repair Sacramento
Gas Furnace Repair Sacramento
Heater Repair Sacramento

A/C Installation Sacramento
Air Duct Installation Sacramento
Ductless A/C Services Sacramento
Electric Furnace Repair Sacramento
Gas Furnace Installation Sacramento
Heater Installation Sacramento 
Thermostat Repair Sacramento

A new high-efficiency furnace can save you up to 38% per year in energy costs in Sacramento.

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A new central air conditioning system can Save you up to 58% per year!


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Energy Experts was started in 2000 by Brian and Thomas McCully. Father and son. Brian has been in the heating and a/c industry for 35 years. He has managed several of the large, local heating and air business, and has a reputation among his peers, as being an outstanding tech.  Thomas has grown up in the business, trained by his father. He also has worked as a tech and installer for several local hvac companies, before teaming with his father. Together they have over 50 years experience.